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    Save the Date
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    Flutter Wedding Invitation
    Flutter wedding invitation
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    Lace Wedding Invitation
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    Woodland Tree Wedding Invitation, incorporating couples initials and wedding date.
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    Gatsby theme invitation suite
    Gatsby theme invitation suite
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    Vintage Rose 
    Vintage Rose Printed Wedding Invitation Suite
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    Silhouette Invitation
    Modern Laser Cut Silhouette Wedding Invitation with ribbon detail
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    Posy Invitation Suite
    'Posy' printed invitation suite
  • 4000 random true 60 bottom 30 http://www.hand-held-designs.co.uk/flutter-flutter-gate-collections/
    Flutter-Gate Wedding Invitation
  • 5000 random true 60 bottom 30 http://www.hand-held-designs.co.uk/collections/printed-invitation-suites/
    Peony Wedding Invitation Suite 
    Peony Wedding Invitation Suite
  • 4000 random true 60 bottom 30 http://www.hand-held-designs.co.uk/love-knot/
    Love Knot Wedding Invitation
  • 5000 random true 60 bottom 30
    Dotty Rocks Invitation Suite
  • 4000 random true 60 bottom 30 http://www.hand-held-designs.co.uk/gemini/
    Gemini Wedding Invitation
  • 4000 random true 60 bottom 30 http://www.hand-held-designs.co.uk/floral-collection/
    Floral Collection - Rosa
  • 4000 random true 60 bottom 30 http://www.hand-held-designs.co.uk/floral-collection/
    Floral Collection - Flora
  • 4000 random true 60 bottom 30 http://www.hand-held-designs.co.uk/floral-collection/
    Floral Collection - Hydrangea

Hand-Held-Designs creates bespoke wedding invitations and wedding stationery, which is beautiful, stylish, intricate, Laser-cut, Hot foiled and Printed . All designs are unique and made with love and attention to detail.

I recognise that your wedding invitations offer the first glimpse at your wedding style, and hope that I have inspired that vision with my range of Laser cut, Hot foiled and beautifully Printed wedding stationery design suites,and the colourways continue or compliment that theme, all of which can be added to with a range of accessories, which can be mixed and matched to suit your individual style.  All designs are cut from high-quality pearlescent card stock, the foiled designs are hot foiled by hand locally, either on matt or pearlescent cardstock, and the printed range is professionally printed on quality card. Available in a range of colours, with coloured inserts to tone or contrast, but reflect your colour theme. If you don’t see ‘your’ colour, get in touch, as there are more colours on the way.

Inserts are personalised with the wording of your choice, with a range of suggested fonts to reflect your theme.  All designs can be or are finished with ribbons and Swarovski crystals, to give that added sparkly highlight if required.

 For any enquiries, I would love to hear from you – please Contact me here.


All designs are copyright of Hand-Held-Designs and Deb Riddle.

Quality images courtesy of Ashley Sizer    http://www.flickriver.com/photos/ashley_sizer/

Wedding Trends / Inspiration 2016

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So I thought I would bring you a little wedding inspiration on this lovely Saturday morning. Inspiration for your wedding can come from anywhere, trend led, a picture, a flower, a favourite colour or a shared experience, but for a lot of brides, colour over theme plays a large part in what they choose.
Today I bring you two floral inspirations, Curated Botanicals and Summer Berry. As we all know, florals are NEVER out of fashion, especially when it comes to weddings. Hope you like……

Curated Botanicals

L- R top to bottom

http://www.oliverburns.com/2015/04/07/spring-2015-botanicals-trend-interiors/   https://botanicart.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/hair-florals.jpg    http://www.brides.com/wedding-ideas/wedding-cakes/2014/07/unique-wedding-cakes#slide=5   http://www.wantthatwedding.co.uk/2015/02/27/the-botanical-collection-by-rosalind-miller-beautiful-wedding-cakes/     http://thelittlelendingcompany.com/tag/botanical-wedding-inspiration/     http://www.lovemydress.net/blog/2015/05/yolancris-2016-bridal.html     http://www.theperfectpalette.com/2014/04/watercolor-wedding-ideas.html     https://www.pinterest.com/pin/505388389411409584/

This scheme is sophisticated, romantic, very British, featuring a soft colour palette of dusky pinks, greens and neutrals. Carefully line-drawn florals with a dash of watercolour. Lush green leaves, ferns and abstract botanical arrangements. Set the scene with old wooden crates or drawers adorned with apothecary jars filled with summery florals, cloches on your tables with simple greenery. Give your guests seed packet favours or seedlings wrapped in pretty hand drawn paper. Adorn your cake with scrambling blooms, and let’s not forget the dress! Beautiful lacy flowers wrap around the body, or for the more adventurous, how about a soft watercolour print dress? What could be more romantic??


Summer Berry

Berry Luscious

L- R top to bottom

https://www.flickr.com/photos/78877097@N03/9659790421/   http://www.theprettyblog.com/wedding/be-a-bold-botanical-bride/     http://snippetandink.com/category/inspired-ideas/seasonal-flowers/     https://www.onekingslane.com/product/36558/767913?or=1   http://www.greylikesweddings.com/inspiration-shoots-and-boards/waiting-for-spring/  http://www.wantthatwedding.co.uk/2014/05/13/floral-couture-wedding-cake-trend-rosalind-miller-luxury-wedding-cakes/    http://onefabday.com/uk/pomegranate-berry-purple-wedding-ideas/?redirect=1  http://heidielnora.com/dress/valerie-lynn/

I am loving this jewel colour palette which features warm coral, luscious lilacs and warm pinks and offers a striking fresh modern look for the bohemian bride. Teamed with white it offers a bold statement for big personalities, or team with gold for an elegant touch. This colour scheme is just gorgeous for a summer wedding or when heading into autumn. Use home-grown florals like peonies, dahlias, roses and again, gorgeous greenery in your bouquet. Fill jam jars for the tables with these gorgeous blooms too. A few dramatic big blooms won’t blow the budget when teamed with lot’s of lush summer greenery  Place bowls of yummy strawberries, blackberries and peaches on the tables, and why not give your guests jars of homemade jam as favours. When it comes to the dress, what about a  gown smothered in dreamy painted flowers, delicate floral lace or appliqued blossoms a la Yolan Cris bridal collection. Aaah gorgeous!


Seven top tips when choosing your wedding stationery, and why or what is Laser cut?

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Seven top tips when choosing your wedding stationery, and why or what is Laser cut?

So some couples will have come across laser cut stationery before, may love the shadows, delicate images, and general magic of it, (well I think it is anyway!), or have decided on it already. Some couples may have never seen it before and are wondering what does it all mean??
Laser cutting involves a direct, high powered laser beam which follows a computer generated pattern, burning in this case card (for wedding stationery) to create the desired effect, with a precise sharp edge. Depending on the thickness and type of the card stock used, the power, speed and frequency are adjusted, producing a high quality cut with perfect ease, on designs which can be simple or complex. The burning on the edge does create some browning, but I’ve discovered that this only enhances the design when cut from ivory, cream or pale shades.
On darker colours the browning is barely noticeable. I often use a contrasting coloured insert underneath which can really show off the design.


butterfly wedding invitationWhy Laser cut wedding stationery? Dare to be different? Want the WOW factor?

Do you want to be more creative with your stationery? Want something a little different? Want to think out of the
box or be more individual? It’s your day, so why not let it tell your story as a couple, who you are, or what your day will be like. Who doesn’t want to send a lasting first impression? Laser cut wedding stationery is a perfect choice to create all of that. Your invitations offer the first glimpse of your wedding style, so express your personality and style.
Don’t be restricted by size, shape or colour. We can design anything to fit your ideas, what’s your dream?





1 – When planning your wedding stationery, work backwards from the big day, and make sure you have all the key
dates correct, like the RSVP date is co-ordinated with when the caterers need to know numbers etc.
Don’t feel that you have to send out Save the Date because everyone else does, but if you are planning a
wedding on a bank holiday weekend or in the height of summer, it maybe a good idea to do so. Send them out
9 months in advance, send invitations approx. 4 months in advance, and give 3-4 weeks for people to reply to RSVP’s.

Save the Date












2- When you’re sending RSVP’s, it may sound obvious, but put a stamp on the envelope/ postcard. This ensures
that your guests return them to whoever is hosting, otherwise you may be spending your evenings chasing
people rather than looking at gorgeous inspiration on Pinterest!

Laser cut Lace wedding invitations













3 – The best idea I think, is not to overcrowd the invitation by trying to include too much information. It won’t look
elegant, and makes it harder for your guests to read. Venue directions and gift info should be put onto a separate
info card. It’s like they say, less is more!

4 – A super top tip is to check, check, check the proofs. A proof of your wording will be sent before going to print. Triple check and more the details, ask your fiancé, mum or a grammar savvy friend to check over the content so nothing gets missed. It will be super budget blowing if you have to have them reprinted because you’ve miss spelt the venue!

5 – If you find a design that you love, but it’s slightly over budget, speak to your stationer, I personally I like to speak to the individuals I am designing for, and offer some ideas on how they can adapt things to possibly save
money, or even the actual design. For example to save a little bit of money, you could think of putting one menu
on each table , with perhaps the veggie / children choice on the back rather than separate menus.
If you are working to a specific or tight budget, don’t be afraid to get in touch with me to discuss other options.
If you are going for one of my off-the-shelf designs, you are still able to personalise them with your own details.

Laser cut Autumn tree close up













6 – Don’t forget to double check your numbers. Families only need one invite, as do couples, so this may rapidly reduce the amount of invites required. Address your envelopes to the exact guests you are inviting. If you have chosen not to invite children, then make it clear from the start that they are not being invited, there is no subtle way of doing this I’m afraid!

7 – Finally, creating your wedding stationery is a bit like viewing a show house, you often walk in and think WOW,
how fabulous., someone has spent a lot of time designing this house. It will be the same as soon as people see what we have created together, people will get there own little wow factor, and know that you have taken the time and effort to produce something beautiful. I really believe that if you are after that wow factor, and your budget can stretch to it, bespoke stationery telling your story can give your wedding guests a glimpse of how amazing your day is going to be before it has even begun………..

Deb x

Leaf Place card